Stop the Lies: Pit Bull owners win Pit bulls Lose

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pit Bull owners win Pit bulls Lose

Quote from Diane Jessup - "I just arrived home from holding bubbley little Boris while he was euthanized. Boris is the little Poncho bred dog I have been holding since last March while his owner (in Arkansas) was charged with cruelty/dog fighting. Today his owner plead and got a month or so in jail and a ban on owning pitbulls for 6 years... Boris is the little guy that Woof was going to take, but his knees were absolutely shot at 11 months of age. The cold weather has really made them worse so we went for a last walk, burger and I told him what a good dog he was while I eased him from his painful life. A sweet little guy sold by "California Jack" to this yahoo. I really get sick thinking of poor Boris - such a good sport - trying his damnedest to take conditioning with those arthritic, awful knees, and then trying to fight for his life with those buckling, weak legs. So, yeah, I'm just not a huge fan of these "dogmen" guys. Not tonight. Rest in peace little Boris. I wish your body had been as sound as your temperament and I wish you had not been born to fight for men who won't do their own fighting."

This is a quote from one of the people who helped kill 20+ dogs in Arkansas after the financially destroyed their owner.

This comes only days after Floyd and Guy Boudreaux are acquitted of 40+ charges of dogfighting. The Humane Society of the United States had yet another expert dismissed for lack of subject knowledge and experience. These men where held on the ropes for 3 years as the Biggest dogfighting breeders in the country if not the world.

"He's been called the "Godfather of dog fighting," the "dog fighting don," and even the "Babe Ruth of dog fighting." Since March 9, Floyd Boudreaux is being called something else: an accused felon. On that day Louisiana State Police arrested Boudreaux, one of the most infamous dog fighters and breeders in the United States, along with his son Guy."

But back to the subject up top where this woman claims they killed a puppy who was "bred to fight" because he was, with his bad knees, good for fighting another dog but not walking around the house? They claim this dog was bred to fight but he is being killed because the fighters use fighting dogs that can't walk? Can someone explain this to me. If he has crippled dogs how do they fight? Can they explain how you have no proof that the biggest dog fighter ever has done anything wrong. How exactly did you come to this conclusion? Surely if this was true a judge would have agreed. But in reality the prosecution started with less than they did 3 years ago.

So did Floyd and Guy, as their dogs were killed immediately. Then the Humane Society claims the dogs to be worth 10k now the state says after the trail they value the dogs at $500 each.

"More than any other person, Boudreaux has shaped the profile of the modern fighting dog. Specifically bred for maximum "gameness" (a determination to fight on, even in the face of certain death), dogs from the Boudreaux line are considered top-notch animals in the fighting world, fetching prices up to $10,000."-

The HSUS was the states experts. Now i would say that if your expert is in your mind an expert in what you are doing then i would assume you agree with them. The accusations they have about Floyd and Guy are based on websites. Well based on those dogs are worth $10,000 each. These are major accusations and 3 years to find out you have no proof of why you attacked this man. Yet in the above quote a woman brags about destroying a young veteran from Arkansas who fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq and then killing the dogs they claim to save, even after they have been exposed in the Boudreaux case that was the blue print to all of the future raids. They just do not get it. It is ok because will be sure to contact ever lawyer who's client was side swiped but Floyd's arrest being used as a way to demonize them in court or to verify someone expertise. We will go back and make sure there are appeals based on the run and gun, shoot from the hip go get-em mentality that Floyd and Guy where exposed. Two Innocent men who's animals where killed and then used as an example in other case even before convicted. Even the state trooper on the stand admitted that the LASPCA killed the dogs against law enforcement wishes. Just as they did in Pima county after the judge put a protective order over the Patrick dogs. The tide is turning. The world is watching.

Floyd and Guy paid the ultimate price for their innocence. How much will The Humane Society pay for being wrong. The statement for Diane Jessup, {Humane Society cronie and Gamedog owner}show not only is there no remorse, but they will simply find another reason to kill a puppy when the first reason does not work. Don't believe me. Look here and see what the ASPCA thinks of freeing a man yo have no evidence to convict. click here


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Stop it. HSUS advicates BSL and i have letter and transcripts to prove it thank you very much.