Stop the Lies: Animal rights Americans wronged.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Animal rights Americans wronged.

Does breaking the law in the name of an animal make the law wrong? Does that make society ignorant for making such laws? Are the founding fathers wrong? Sure there have been additions and tweaks to the constitution such as the freeing of slaves and Row v Wade, but these where issues that where not present or relevant in its drafting. Dogs have been around since the beginning of time. Are soldiers wrong for fighting for what this constitution and our country stands for. Well if the Humane Society of the United States is right. Then all of these people are wrong.

The Humane Society of the United States or the HSUS this year alone has killed 200+ animals. Simply for being American Pitbull Terriers. The manager and Director of the Humane Society's Animal Fighting issues is John JP Goodwin. This man is high school drop out. He once attempted to be an expert in a court case in which a county that he "advised" was being sued. Under oath he stated to the judge and all present that he was a high school drop and never completed high school. We will come back to this point later. He also stated that his knowledge in dog fighting was gained reading books and browsing the web. This in itself is ASTOUNDING. I am sure every Ph. D and Veterinarian in this country is glad to know that a high school drop out who read a few books with the time left over from his powerful dungeons and dragon quests, was being considered an expert on animals. Thank god the judge felt the same way. He agreed with the plaintiff's lawyer that a high school drop out with no law enforcement or animal physiological education(or any other kind) could possibly lend any educated information.

This man John JP Goodwin, has been responsible for the seizure of countless number of dogs from the homes of numerous American Pitbull Terrier breeders. These breeders on average range from 60-70 years old. The "expert" information lended to law enforcement from the HSUS's debunked expert has led to the death of the animals of these breeders. Now understand not one, not one, single, breeder has been to trial. Every animal they owned to include fish have been taken and most have been killed. Because the Humane Society does not believe in what America was founded on. Even if these breeders win in court they have already lost. Their life's work has been destroyed. The HSUS says that they can guarantee based on expert knowledge that comes from a forensics veterinarian the only of her kind and slew people who have never bred or raise a dog or a dog of this breed, oh and a high school drop out. I would say that with evidence like that a trial would be in order before I'd believe these experts.

Still it goes further. You have John Goodwin teaching classes to law enforcement, lawyers and judges on how to spot a dog fighter. Lets break this down. You have a detective with 4+ years of college, a lawyer and a judge both with 10+ years of high education being taught by a high school drop out. Is this America where we teach our children to do thier best so the can rise above the rest. Well the rest is teach about dog fighting! Desiree Bender the Humane Society watchdog in Arkansas tell police regularly that perfectly legal devises are signs of dog fighting and enough evidence for an arrest. Are you ready for the other shoe to drop? Well duck because i am going to throw it at you. Desiree Bender sent multiple alleged dog fighting dogs to Diane Jessup at . The same things HSUS is having people arrested for their friend in arms uses daily. IS THIS AMERICA????!!!!

So i will end my inaugural post to this new blog with this. In America society was based on the fact that hard work and knowledge will pave the way to everything. But instead some how we have people who never bred or raised dogs at all telling officials whats best for these dogs. A high school drop out has the power to imprison a knowledgeable and respected breeder, because the dropout's opinion and reality differ. Last but not least the Humane Society publicly and shamelessly degrade breeders for things they know to be false and in fact take part in themselves. This is the Humane Society of America's idea of America. They are right and The forefathers, our citizens, our soldiers and our hearts are wrong.

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