Stop the Lies: December 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


To whom this may concern,
A recent internet slander article has drawn our attention at The website has decided to "oust" Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination founder, Allie Renar, as a "dog fighter supporter" or something of the like. This gross misrepresentation of the facts has lead us to address you here. This email is being sent to anyone I think it may concern and will be posted on our website shortly for visitors.

Several things were written about Allie and which are much less true than they are blatant lies.

First off the claim that this organization is some sort of cover for dog fighters is absurd. Allie has never supported dog fighting and has never said that she does. The truth is that some funds have been routed through and donated from Allie herself to help support ACCUSED dog fighters who were beleived innocent. The supposedly great thing about American society is how you are innocent until proven guilty. In the cases which Stop-BSL's reasearch dept has taken time to find information to help the defense and money has been sent all parties were beleived innocent and had been illegal searched, violationg their Consitutional Rights. All money which went to these people was sent with the request that it reach them. It was sent through to avoid posting personal addresses on the internet. No general donations were routed to these people or used for this cause.

The outcome of these trials and investigations has shown us why we felt we should be involved. Thus far one person plead guilty (due to threats of losing his home which he is currently investigating appealing), four were acquitted, one had his dogs returned without charges being filed and one plead no contest with no jail time served. With these type of statistics it is very hard to believe that these people did not deserve their day in court. Out of over 150 charges the HSUS and local law enforcement had come up with for seven people total only one person has plead guilty to anything. That one person plead to INTENTION TO FIGHT A DOG, which is NOT the same as ever having done it. We know many of you who do not know the background of these cases or know in depth what the HSUS and groups like are doing will not understand this. For that we are sorry. However, this issue cannot be ignored. The HSUS is trying to make America a country where simply owning a dog allows them to barge in your home without a warrant. They use false allegations and missing evidence to get warrants, kill dogs and then blow it off like it never happened when no one is found guilty of anything. This issue falls squarely in the realm of our mission. We help only those people we feel are innocent from either looking at the evidence presented or from speaking to character witnesses who are willing to bet their lives these people are innocent. Five out of seven times we were right in a court of law.

We fight BSL every day and know that the number one reason it passes is fear. The HSUS and other organizations have long perpetuated the myth that only dog fighters, drug dealers and criminals own pit bulls. They continue to raid innocent dog breeders in order to further perpetuate that myth. These groups know that the acquittal will not warrant much press and the initial media frenzy is all they need to bump up their donations and get more politicians on board with BSL.. We make countless phone calls, orchestrate petitions, inform the public of REAL statistics and yes, we support innocent people with information and some funds in order to help stop the spread of this stereotype.

A largely ignored and forgotten part of fighting BSL is stopping the proponents from polluting the media any more than they already are. And, that is what we did in these cases. We provided information that John Goodwin is adimittedly not an expert on dog fighting or trained in any animal service or care field. Additionally, we provided evidence that Goodwin is a high school dropout with airtight connections to a domestic terrorism organization. This got him removed as an expert witness in several cases because he is not an expert. We helped innocent people prove that they were innocent- that is all. Those parties who were acquitted are not "known dog fighters" as and the HSUS would like you to beleive. They are dog breeders who had their lives taken from them and slaughtered by pit bull hating fearmongering people and in the end were found to have done nothing wrong.

Groups such as actively advocate for unfair pit bull restrictions and breed based laws. It is no wonder they would decide to slander a young non profit who is trying to stop them from perpetuating lies and passing useless laws which kill innocent pets. The Humane Society of the united states also advocated sterilizing all pit bulls and is actively offering rewards of $5000 for any information (true or not) which may lead to the senseless killing of more innocent dogs owned by good people.

We truly feel that our organization has been making waves and we have been doing more with getting people to act than we have done to raise money. This is complete retaliation to our blogs and our efforts in which have helped people at least get a fair day in court. Stop-BSL has been around about a year now and this recent attack happens only after the HSUS was embarrassed by it's own ignorance and ill preparedness in court.

As it stands we have not raised a lot of money. What we have done is created a lot of awareness and convinced a lot of people to become active in their communtiy. That is our ultimate goal. To stop BSL at it's roots, in your communities and in the minds of the public. As far as the alleged advertisement in "Scratch Back" we did not pay for this ad. It was donated by someone who saw our site and believed in our mission. As a group that does not have a war chest of money we do not turn down ads offered to us. We do not subscribe to this magazine or know the details of it's contents. Apparently the people at do have the connections to the "dog fighting" world that our founder is being accused of having.

Sincerely,Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination

I want to say that Allie Renar, our founder and visionary has been a blessing to those of us who have chosen to make this journey. I believe in our cause with every breath I take. And i believe in her just as much. If i did not i would not be here doing what i do. Allie, a fledgling in Pit Bull ownership has reinspired many of us who have loved this breed for decades. I just want to say thank Allie. Well done Madaam. Well done. -Research