Stop the Lies: 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


To whom this may concern,
A recent internet slander article has drawn our attention at The website has decided to "oust" Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination founder, Allie Renar, as a "dog fighter supporter" or something of the like. This gross misrepresentation of the facts has lead us to address you here. This email is being sent to anyone I think it may concern and will be posted on our website shortly for visitors.

Several things were written about Allie and which are much less true than they are blatant lies.

First off the claim that this organization is some sort of cover for dog fighters is absurd. Allie has never supported dog fighting and has never said that she does. The truth is that some funds have been routed through and donated from Allie herself to help support ACCUSED dog fighters who were beleived innocent. The supposedly great thing about American society is how you are innocent until proven guilty. In the cases which Stop-BSL's reasearch dept has taken time to find information to help the defense and money has been sent all parties were beleived innocent and had been illegal searched, violationg their Consitutional Rights. All money which went to these people was sent with the request that it reach them. It was sent through to avoid posting personal addresses on the internet. No general donations were routed to these people or used for this cause.

The outcome of these trials and investigations has shown us why we felt we should be involved. Thus far one person plead guilty (due to threats of losing his home which he is currently investigating appealing), four were acquitted, one had his dogs returned without charges being filed and one plead no contest with no jail time served. With these type of statistics it is very hard to believe that these people did not deserve their day in court. Out of over 150 charges the HSUS and local law enforcement had come up with for seven people total only one person has plead guilty to anything. That one person plead to INTENTION TO FIGHT A DOG, which is NOT the same as ever having done it. We know many of you who do not know the background of these cases or know in depth what the HSUS and groups like are doing will not understand this. For that we are sorry. However, this issue cannot be ignored. The HSUS is trying to make America a country where simply owning a dog allows them to barge in your home without a warrant. They use false allegations and missing evidence to get warrants, kill dogs and then blow it off like it never happened when no one is found guilty of anything. This issue falls squarely in the realm of our mission. We help only those people we feel are innocent from either looking at the evidence presented or from speaking to character witnesses who are willing to bet their lives these people are innocent. Five out of seven times we were right in a court of law.

We fight BSL every day and know that the number one reason it passes is fear. The HSUS and other organizations have long perpetuated the myth that only dog fighters, drug dealers and criminals own pit bulls. They continue to raid innocent dog breeders in order to further perpetuate that myth. These groups know that the acquittal will not warrant much press and the initial media frenzy is all they need to bump up their donations and get more politicians on board with BSL.. We make countless phone calls, orchestrate petitions, inform the public of REAL statistics and yes, we support innocent people with information and some funds in order to help stop the spread of this stereotype.

A largely ignored and forgotten part of fighting BSL is stopping the proponents from polluting the media any more than they already are. And, that is what we did in these cases. We provided information that John Goodwin is adimittedly not an expert on dog fighting or trained in any animal service or care field. Additionally, we provided evidence that Goodwin is a high school dropout with airtight connections to a domestic terrorism organization. This got him removed as an expert witness in several cases because he is not an expert. We helped innocent people prove that they were innocent- that is all. Those parties who were acquitted are not "known dog fighters" as and the HSUS would like you to beleive. They are dog breeders who had their lives taken from them and slaughtered by pit bull hating fearmongering people and in the end were found to have done nothing wrong.

Groups such as actively advocate for unfair pit bull restrictions and breed based laws. It is no wonder they would decide to slander a young non profit who is trying to stop them from perpetuating lies and passing useless laws which kill innocent pets. The Humane Society of the united states also advocated sterilizing all pit bulls and is actively offering rewards of $5000 for any information (true or not) which may lead to the senseless killing of more innocent dogs owned by good people.

We truly feel that our organization has been making waves and we have been doing more with getting people to act than we have done to raise money. This is complete retaliation to our blogs and our efforts in which have helped people at least get a fair day in court. Stop-BSL has been around about a year now and this recent attack happens only after the HSUS was embarrassed by it's own ignorance and ill preparedness in court.

As it stands we have not raised a lot of money. What we have done is created a lot of awareness and convinced a lot of people to become active in their communtiy. That is our ultimate goal. To stop BSL at it's roots, in your communities and in the minds of the public. As far as the alleged advertisement in "Scratch Back" we did not pay for this ad. It was donated by someone who saw our site and believed in our mission. As a group that does not have a war chest of money we do not turn down ads offered to us. We do not subscribe to this magazine or know the details of it's contents. Apparently the people at do have the connections to the "dog fighting" world that our founder is being accused of having.

Sincerely,Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination

I want to say that Allie Renar, our founder and visionary has been a blessing to those of us who have chosen to make this journey. I believe in our cause with every breath I take. And i believe in her just as much. If i did not i would not be here doing what i do. Allie, a fledgling in Pit Bull ownership has reinspired many of us who have loved this breed for decades. I just want to say thank Allie. Well done Madaam. Well done. -Research

Friday, November 21, 2008

Patricks are acquitted but death cannot be appealed

On Thursday afternoon outside of a court house where allegidly the biggest dog fighting ring was being tried, there was not much going on. Emily Dennis and Pat Patrick were closing their last day of trial. This was stark contrast to the media feeding frenzy taking place months ago. Reporters left and right taking pictures of dogs, writing article about the Patricks being the biggest dog fighters since world war 2 pilots. Their pictures where plastered over the local papers and even some national papers. Every supposed animal abuse website was abuzz as the venom leaked from their fangs around their forked black tongues. Guilty! Kill them! Hang them! More ignorant babble and so forth. But today there is a hush quiet. From day one of the Patrick trial it was obvious to everyone in the court that there was no evidence. It was obvious that the Humane Society of the United States had suckered another scrappy prosecutor in over his head. The first day of the trial 21 charges where dismissed rather than explain to the court why the statute of Arizona law stating that there is a mandatory hearing before animals can be confiscated, was completely ignored. Or maybe it was to avoid the question of how in the hell they got a search warrant with such a flimsy case. When the prosecutor rested his sad and unconvincing case against the Patricks he knew he was a defeated man. He knew that he had just been had and somewhere in his mind he was counting all the money the Humane Society just made by having him drag these people into court. As the judge asked the defense to present their case, their lawyers presented a simple fact. Your Honor, the state has not presented a case in which to defend against. You know what, The judge agreed. They where both acquitted. As Miss Dennis or to many Mrs Patrick stepped out of the court room she contacted a few friends to let them know they were free. She did not say they won because they had already lost. When most would have cheered for great joy at such a blatant victory. Miss Dennis wept.

She wept for 110 dogs the she and Pat had seen come into this world. 110 dogs that knew her as MOM. For those who do not know the Patricks i will explain what this means to those who do. The Patricks are both 64 years old. Pat a quite and gentle man soft spoken, but alert with a love for sports, most especially boxing. He has an eye for the perfect dog and how breed stability into the true APBT. Emily is the Grandmother everyone wanted in that you would be in a world of trouble if you underestimated her by her age, because she is every bit as quick and sharp tongued as anyone 1/4 of her age. To many she has been an adopted Mother in the dog community. For advise to save a litter of puppies you would only have to ask. Where many would charge you for what the Patricks offered for free. She is fiercely protective of those who she cares for and the animals she loves. Trust that hell has no wrath like a mother's scorn, weather their child be human or k9.

So Now that you have a slight understand you can feel the pain of many who had to stomach the image of Pat, humble and proud, quietly reserved with slow but powerful tears rolling down his cheeks. And Emily, defiant and fierce, weeping. To those who have been mentored by them and those who see them as historians the sight was akin to the destruction your favorite super hero. Like seeing Superman's cape floating away torn, or Batman's masks falling 10 stories to the ground. With one simple, yet fundamental difference. These where real people. They shed real tears. There is not a writer in the world who can write their dogs back to life. Who can rewrite the last year of fear and discrimination.

These tears are real love. Not John Goodwin or Desiree Bender or Wayne Pacelle saying they love animals and the killing 200+ dogs with out blinking. Did they cry? Did they weep? I would venture to say they have been sleeping very well at night. I pray that these people are never allowed to work in the business of saving children. I also pray that they have the integrity to publicly Apologize to the people they have ruined and for the animals they have unjustly killed. Legally every dog that was adopted if any should be returned asap at the expense of the Humane Society and Diane Jessup who also wrongfully accepted stolen property.

Many across the world will remember this time as the era of the First Black President. But many others will remember these last two months as the time the world stood still when their heroes such as Floyd and Guy Boudreaux and the Patricks wept to the most defeated victories one can imagine. Losing everything for being innocent.

And worse yet, to not be able to bury your own beloved animals and say goodbye.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well here we go Again

So the Judge in the Patrick case in Arizona has dropped over twenty charges against the Patrick couple. Now only 2 counts of dog fighting each remain. 110 dogs, accused of being the kingpins of dog fighting (wasn't that Floyd and Guy), and all they could come up with is 2 counts of dog fighting? When they raided Frank Lucas they found 100 years worth of drugs to put him away. But the dog fighting Gods can only garner 2 charges a piece? I wonder why that is. But while we are at it can we get cruelty charges against these people in the pictures below. Why does any dog who is not aggressive and is not running away need to be handled like this.

Lets take you to an article written after the raid, that stated the dogs where friendly and socialized.

"Seized dogs 'people-friendly,' county official says People-friendly and social. That's how Vicki Doraine, public services supervisor at the Pima Animal Care Center, described the pit bulls sent to the center after six people were arrested Tuesday on fight-dog breeding accusations. "

So why........OH WHY would the Prosecuter say that these dogs were not at all socialized.

The couple operated on a large piece of property owned by Dennis' mother, where dozens of dogs were kept in kennels, Brandes said."These weren't for pets," he said, "because these dogs were not given socialization."

Now people this is the same website reporting two contrast accounts by public officials. Does this make you go hmmmmm. It should because it is starting to smell like a dirty kennel. The Patricks have been know for many years to have people sign a contract that states any dogs sold are not to be used for fighting of any kind. They also have kennels built for every single dog. As you see above their dogs are fat so they spend thousands of dollars a month in dog food . This was nothing more than the shut down of a breeder by the Humane Society of the United states. Lets see the judge dropped all counts of animal cruelty. what remains is 4 counts of dog fighting to contend. 100+ dogs where killed. You do the math!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Because You say So dont make it so.

Fact. Humane Society Of the United States has killed or had a hand in killing hundreds of American Pit Bull Terriers before their owners where even sent to trial.

Fact. Breed Specific legislation is any law made based on the breed of dog instead of the actions of the dog or owner.

Fact. Humane Society Of the United States wrote a letter to the city of Louisville Kentucky askin for all Pit Bulls to be sterilized. Letter

Fact. Humane Society of the United States Arkansas director Desiree Bender advocated mandatory sterilization of all American Pit Bull Terriers in Mississippi. Detail in this post Stop the Lies: Legacy of Contridiction.

Fact. Diane Jessup wrote a book on the working pit bull and helped attack other breeders who use tools on their yards that she herself wrote about in her book.

Fact. Desiree Bender has used racial slurs online while talking to other American Pit Bull Terrier owners.

"Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:46 pm

jessed wrote:
DING DING DING you got it.... MARTINEZ...........That should make everyone sleep better tonight knowing that jessed is NOT this Jessup woman. Just a dumb ol' red neck spic from Arkansas."

After it was reported the HSUS were using racist remarks(as she admitted in trial she was the loggin jessed on Online Pedigrees a pedigree website and message board) she edited her post to this

"jessedNewbieJoined: Jun 12, 2007Posts: 64
Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:46 pm

Last edited by jessed on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:54 am; edited 1 time in total"

Fact. Desiree Bender has been accused of dropping the N bomb during interrogation.

Fact. John Goodwin head of Humane Society of The United States animal fighting issues has been denied at almost EVERY trial he attempted to be an expert, if not every.

Fact. John Goodwin had led many of the investigations on so called fighting dog breeders based on the same non-expert knowledge that got him booted from multiple cases, even cases he investigated.

Fact. Desiree Bender questioned minor children without the presence of their parents or a lawyer.

Fact. Humane Society Of the United States had no evidence to support their attack on Floyd B. They had 3 years to find enough to send him away. If they did not in three year then it did not exists.

Fact. The Humane Society did not have enough proof to support this page on their site

Fact. has posted eronous info about the Humane Society of the United States and has also slandered the AADR and ADBA, not to mention calling someone publicly, a known dog fighter, who has not been convicted of anything. Kind of like Mr. B. and Just like Mr. B. this same person being slandered has had every dog killed befor trial.

So so call Pitbulllover keep you messy half truths and slander off my blog. As we know you are nothin more than the HSUS. Coward.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pit Bull owners win Pit bulls Lose

Quote from Diane Jessup - "I just arrived home from holding bubbley little Boris while he was euthanized. Boris is the little Poncho bred dog I have been holding since last March while his owner (in Arkansas) was charged with cruelty/dog fighting. Today his owner plead and got a month or so in jail and a ban on owning pitbulls for 6 years... Boris is the little guy that Woof was going to take, but his knees were absolutely shot at 11 months of age. The cold weather has really made them worse so we went for a last walk, burger and I told him what a good dog he was while I eased him from his painful life. A sweet little guy sold by "California Jack" to this yahoo. I really get sick thinking of poor Boris - such a good sport - trying his damnedest to take conditioning with those arthritic, awful knees, and then trying to fight for his life with those buckling, weak legs. So, yeah, I'm just not a huge fan of these "dogmen" guys. Not tonight. Rest in peace little Boris. I wish your body had been as sound as your temperament and I wish you had not been born to fight for men who won't do their own fighting."

This is a quote from one of the people who helped kill 20+ dogs in Arkansas after the financially destroyed their owner.

This comes only days after Floyd and Guy Boudreaux are acquitted of 40+ charges of dogfighting. The Humane Society of the United States had yet another expert dismissed for lack of subject knowledge and experience. These men where held on the ropes for 3 years as the Biggest dogfighting breeders in the country if not the world.

"He's been called the "Godfather of dog fighting," the "dog fighting don," and even the "Babe Ruth of dog fighting." Since March 9, Floyd Boudreaux is being called something else: an accused felon. On that day Louisiana State Police arrested Boudreaux, one of the most infamous dog fighters and breeders in the United States, along with his son Guy."

But back to the subject up top where this woman claims they killed a puppy who was "bred to fight" because he was, with his bad knees, good for fighting another dog but not walking around the house? They claim this dog was bred to fight but he is being killed because the fighters use fighting dogs that can't walk? Can someone explain this to me. If he has crippled dogs how do they fight? Can they explain how you have no proof that the biggest dog fighter ever has done anything wrong. How exactly did you come to this conclusion? Surely if this was true a judge would have agreed. But in reality the prosecution started with less than they did 3 years ago.

So did Floyd and Guy, as their dogs were killed immediately. Then the Humane Society claims the dogs to be worth 10k now the state says after the trail they value the dogs at $500 each.

"More than any other person, Boudreaux has shaped the profile of the modern fighting dog. Specifically bred for maximum "gameness" (a determination to fight on, even in the face of certain death), dogs from the Boudreaux line are considered top-notch animals in the fighting world, fetching prices up to $10,000."-

The HSUS was the states experts. Now i would say that if your expert is in your mind an expert in what you are doing then i would assume you agree with them. The accusations they have about Floyd and Guy are based on websites. Well based on those dogs are worth $10,000 each. These are major accusations and 3 years to find out you have no proof of why you attacked this man. Yet in the above quote a woman brags about destroying a young veteran from Arkansas who fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq and then killing the dogs they claim to save, even after they have been exposed in the Boudreaux case that was the blue print to all of the future raids. They just do not get it. It is ok because will be sure to contact ever lawyer who's client was side swiped but Floyd's arrest being used as a way to demonize them in court or to verify someone expertise. We will go back and make sure there are appeals based on the run and gun, shoot from the hip go get-em mentality that Floyd and Guy where exposed. Two Innocent men who's animals where killed and then used as an example in other case even before convicted. Even the state trooper on the stand admitted that the LASPCA killed the dogs against law enforcement wishes. Just as they did in Pima county after the judge put a protective order over the Patrick dogs. The tide is turning. The world is watching.

Floyd and Guy paid the ultimate price for their innocence. How much will The Humane Society pay for being wrong. The statement for Diane Jessup, {Humane Society cronie and Gamedog owner}show not only is there no remorse, but they will simply find another reason to kill a puppy when the first reason does not work. Don't believe me. Look here and see what the ASPCA thinks of freeing a man yo have no evidence to convict. click here

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Legacy of Contridiction

We can talk all day about hypocricy but i rather show you. By the way it IS illegal for a civilian to attend a dog fight as John Goodwin stated in testimony while he was being bounced from a case as an expert. "I might mention being a spectator at a dog fight is a crime" when asked had he actualy ever been to a dog fight.

"Our investigators risk their lives by going undercover at dogfights. Our staff trains thousands of law enforcement officials every year on the basics of the illegal animal fighting industry. We work with law enforcement in investigating and building cases. We publish manuals and the key resources on the subject. And we produce videos, public service announcements, in-depth stories and other quality materials to educate the public and law enforcement authorities about this despicable underworld. There's usually no glory or limelight in the daily grind, just the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping to bring participants in this cruelty to justice. The emotional cost for our staff who work daily on these issues is incalculable." -Wayne Pacelle

They take pride in stating how much law enforcement needs them.

"First and foremost, the U.S.D.A. should not be relying on a private animal welfare charity to do its job for them,” said Paul Shapiro, who oversees issues involving farm-animal abuse for the Humane Society. He said there was little incentive to go to the Department of Agriculture anyway because the agency often ignores abuse allegations."

Then states the Government should do thier own work.

"How to Spot Signs of Dogfighting in Your Community
An inordinate number of pit bulls being kept in one location, especially multiple dogs who are chained and seem unsocialized.
Dogs with scars on their faces, front legs and stifle area (hind end and thighs).
Dogfighting training equipment such as
treadmills used to build dogs' endurance
"break sticks" used to pry apart the jaws of dogs locked in battle
tires or "springpoles" (usually a large spring with rope attached to either end) hanging from tree limbs
Unusual foot traffic coming and going from a location at odd hours"

Wow this would also describe

They donate confiscated dogs to Lawdogs. So if they are donating true dog fighting dogs then these would have to be considered

1. They may have scars
2. Diane Jessup shows the use of chains on her website. (director)
3. Diane Jessup shows treadmills and flirt poles on her website (director)
4. Can't imagine to the untrained eye how unsocialized an "attack" police dog would seem.
5. How many different people come in and out a week looking for detections dogs.

So what we have here is the HSUS saying all this is illegal, but what we do is none of your concern. Not to mention this would include anyone who rescues any breed of dog and anyone who enjoys hunting with their dogs. Convenient.

"The HSUS opposes legislation aimed at eradicating or strictly regulating dogs based solely on their breed for a number of reasons. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a common first approach that many communities take. Thankfully, once research is conducted most community leaders correctly realize that BSL won't solve the problems they face with dangerous dogs."

"1. Pit bulls – There is no doubt that pit bulls are in bad shape in America right now. They are likely the most popular dog in the country, but unfortunately, they are also the dogs of choice for drug dealers, gang members, and anyone else who is looking for a dog to be a status symbol. Legislation banning pit bulls or requiring strict regulation will not solve the problems created by dangerous dogs. However, because pit bulls currently flood animal shelters in Louisville and across the country, legislation requiring their mandatory sterilization could be a benefit to the breed and to all dogs in the community. Additionally, the mandatory sterilization of pit bulls would negatively impact those individuals who use pit bulls for fighting, guarding locations used for illegal activities, and the backyard breeders who so recklessly add to the dog overpopulation. Requiring the sterilization of pit bulls does not have the same problems as traditional breed-specific legislation. This does not punish responsible pet owners, as truly responsible owners already have their animals sterilized."-Letter from the HSUS to City of Louisville Kentucky.

"Ms. Desiree Bender stated that while she is not a resident of the Community, she would like to see the City adopt legislation that would require the spaying and neutering of Pit Bulls. She stated that most fatality cases have involved a dog on a chain or an unaltered Pit Bull beside an in heat female Pit Bull. She offered support data to explain her argument. " - minutes from Jacksonville town meeting on July 7 2005.

I could go all day. And when i have time i will.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sad but true rewards of fighting for freedom while losing your own.

This a true story but i will change certain facts to protect those involved. A USARMY soldier came back from Iraq in 2005. He was an infantry with 82nd Airborne division. He bought some land in the country for his family and his dogs. He purchased 12 acres of land so he would have plenty of space and plenty of room for his animals and children to roam. He and his wife had 5 dogs of their own and 3 young children. Knowing his time in the army was up he began to make plans to settle his family, but his unit was due to head back out to Iraq. When news arrived of future deployment, fellow soldiers began to look for accommodations for their pets. Knowing he was leaving the military he offered to help.

Those who owned pit bulls and rottweilers found it very hard to find someone to keep them for a year. This soldier offered to hold 15 pit bulls or rottweilers for owners until they came back asking only for dog food and vet bill money should the need arise. He kept constant email contact with the owners and update on their health. His wife took weekly pictures of the dogs and emailed them to their owners. For six month the young family live in their dog farm out in the country enjoying life. That was to end abruptly.

One day a neighbor came to the house and told them they had too many pit bulls and asked were they fighting these dogs.He simply stated that they where holding the dogs for soldiers abroad. The next week another neighbor does the same except this woman stated that she was a volunteer animal cruelty investigator(whatever that means). For the next month the local police where sent out to the property with reports of dog fighting and animal cruelty and neglect. Each time the police left petting all the dogs and saying how nice it was that someone would do such a thing for his fellow soldiers. Thankfully the local law enforcement came to know the dogs very well. Still this did not stop the naysayers.

More calls came in and the soldier started to see that people where coming in and out of his yard feeding and vaccinating his dogs and leaving him notes telling him they did so. Dogs by the way who had already been vaccinated and where now over weight and had regular diarrhea caused by the mixing of food. In the meantime the rumor around town is that there is a dog fighter in town and his is cruel to his animals. Something should be done, and done it was.

The soldier came home from work to find all 20 dogs dead or dieing, poisoned by ant-freeze. The scene was right out of the Humane Society of the United States' killem-for-their-own-safety playbook. Every dog full grown and puppies where killed. 20 dogs dead and dieing in plain view of those who drove the country road, not one report called in to local law enforcement. Not one complaint from a single neighbor, not one out cry of negligence, cruelty, or abuse. Nothing but smug indifference at a mission accomplished. And the cracking sound of the defeated but proud soldier's heart desperately breaking for letting his brothers and sisters in arms down. Where were the people who were so worried about the dogs well being and safety? 7 soldiers came home later that year to graves of their beloved pets instead of the companionship. Companionship needed to recover from the destruction of war. Graves dug with the blood, sweat and honorable tears of a soldier and paid for by the donations to the Humane Society of the United States and their like that post such poisonous and inflammatory information that creates witch hunts that hurt those who have sworn to defend even those who would take away their own freedom.

To the soldiers who lost their animals i salute you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Humane Society of the United States the original drag queen

When a six foot four woman with broad shoulders and hairy legs walks down the street everyone stares. They point fingers and say "oh my god" or " who does he think he is fooling", but most just shake their heads and say "he's not even trying to hide it" so they just let them be just as wild as they want and go on with their day. Lets call this ugly drama queen say.... PETA. Out in the open not trying to hide whats between their legs and daring anyone to say they are something they are not. Then you have the young man with not a bit of stubble on his face and very feminine features. He walks like a woman talks like a woman even has had reconstruction to further fit into the role. He walks down the street everyday to the whistle of men who love women and would never guess they just flirted with a man. Let's talk to all the donors who just kissed this gorgeous drag queen call the Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society of the United States dresses pretty and talks pretty but underneath they are brutally territorial bullies. They take a name the leads people to believe they are an actual humane society as the public sees them. The public thinks shelters. Now the HSUS does not run a single shelter in this country. Not only are they shelter less, they charge your local shelter a high fee to have HSUS walk through their shelter and tell them what to do. Donors donate to help shelters and shelters pay money to get the HSUS stamp. That is money going one way from both sides. How a non-profit gets money from the people it should be donating too and the donors is beyond me. How you have not spent these donations on your actual cause, is mathematically mind blowing to me. Someone is asleep at the switch. The shelters who do not want anything to do with HSUS will be on their personal hit list. Ask The many rescues that where attacked by HSUS workers during Katrina. The Humane Society's Desiree Bender held up a hot van full of dogs because she did not want to loose the publicity.

Lets break down the make up and wig with one example. Desiree Bender founded Where Angels Run a so called Pit bull rescue. She is also the head honcho for HSUS in Arkansas. Diane Jessup runs Lawdogs and is a friend and ally of Bender and HSUS. She also runs a kennel of Sorrel Bred Gamedogs.

"Ms. Desiree Bender stated that while she is not a resident of the Community, she would like to see the City adopt legislation that would require the spaying and neutering of Pit Bulls. She stated that most fatality cases have involved a dog on a chain or an unaltered Pit Bull beside an in heat female Pit Bull. She offered support data to explain her argument. " - minutes from Jacksonville town meeting on July 7 2005.

Wait a minuite. So that means your friend and ally who breeds Pit Bulls would have to spade and neuter hers as well. And what Pit bull advocate promotes Breed Specific Legislation. None. The Pit bull rescue and breeder who makes money of dogs HSUS steals from people is the wig and make up. Going to city hall meetings and lobbying against Pit bulls is whats really between their legs.

1. Pit bulls – There is no doubt that pit bulls are in bad shape in America right now. They are likely the most popular dog in the country, but unfortunately, they are also the dogs of choice for drug dealers, gang members, and anyone else who is looking for a dog to be a status symbol. Legislation banning pit bulls or requiring strict regulation will not solve the problems created by dangerous dogs. However, because pit bulls currently flood animal shelters in Louisville and across the country, legislation requiring their mandatory sterilization could be a benefit to the breed and to all dogs in the community. Additionally, the mandatory sterilization of pit bulls would negatively impact those individuals who use pit bulls for fighting, guarding locations used for illegal activities, and the backyard breeders who so recklessly add to the dog overpopulation. Requiring the sterilization of pit bulls does not have the same problems as traditional breed-specific legislation. This does not punish responsible pet owners, as truly responsible owners already have their animals sterilized.

Letter from the HSUS to City of Louisville Kentucky.

Now remember HSUS donates dogs they take from court cases still pending and give them to Diane Jessup, a Pit bull breeder. Is she a responsible breeder, because her dogs are not sterilized. I wonder if The Humane Society hangs to theft or do the just tuck it back.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pit Bull attacks=media orgie

Lets open with something taken from the American Veterinarian Medical Association's website

"How can my family and I avoid being bitten?
Be cautious around strange dogs and treat your own pet with respect. Because children are the most frequent victims of dog bites, parents and caregivers should:
NEVER leave a baby or small child alone with a dog.
Be on the look out for potentially dangerous situations.
Start teaching young children – including toddlers – to be careful around pets.
Children must be taught NOT to approach strange dogs. Teach children to ask permission from a dog's owner before petting the dog."

The media has a strange problem with not addressing the real issue in these cases. Never in any of these cases is it ever highlighted that a child was left alone with an animal.

"Pit Bull Attacks Child in Dothan, Alabama
4-Year Old Girl MauledDothan, Al - In another Alabama pit bull attack, a 4-year old child was attacked while playing in his backyard. The incident left Elaine Walton in shock. She was inside her house when a neighbor called to say the boy who lived in the upstairs apartment was outside crying.
"When I went outside the pit bull had the baby's head in it's mouth."Animal control officers picked up the dog and confined him at a local shelter. They also picked up another dog from the same residence. Neighbors said the dogs often barked at people, but had never bitten anyone until now. "Like I said I've never had a problem with them," said Nina Fryer, who lives across the street.The child and his family were familiar with the dog and his owners. At this time it is still uncertain what provoked the dog to attack, not that a pit bull needs a reason. Whatever the case, pit bull advocates will certainly blame the child. This is always the case when there are no witnesses."

The child was alone and not a single adult to witness. No mention of poor parenting.

In this video

a one year old left alone with a dog.

These are two examples just type child left alone with dog in Google and you will have hours of unneccary dog bites. The media led by and paid by groups like the Humane Society of the United States, simply show what they feel will pay them. Every time a dog bites a child and is of a breed people fear the HSUS makes more money. They Rush in their experts who have never raised any breed of dog. They compare taking care of strays who they kill for their own good, to raising healthy and genetically strong and mentally stable animals. These expert kennel cleaners who turned animal defenders tell the media and the public with a straight face that certain breeds are so dangerous that they are better off dead. Wow, thank goodness God did not say that about all of his creations. The most dangerous animal to ever walk is Man. University of Pennsylvania did a study in fact that stated the 3 most likely-to-bite dogs where the dachshund, chihuahua, and jack russell . They do not even attempt to have dialog in this subject. Why is that. It is not media friendly.

Most people who donate to the Humane Society or tune in to doggy news are people who would find the jack russel terrier, the hot dog, and the taco bell dog to be their dream dogs. To be honest about how likely these dogs are to bite and how much they actually do bite would hurt their fan base. These small dogs bite more people but there is no blood and gore and their is no natural hatred for them. This equates to less media and less shock value that leads to more donations. It is much easier to use the media to make money by picking on the scape goats of the country. The media and HSUS both time after time state the American Pit bull Terrier is the breed of choice for thugs, drug dealers, hip hop and anyone who wants to look tough. Which we adults know as secret code for minorities, lower class, poor whites and any one your average animal donor would find offensive or scary. By taking the most feared dog and connecting them to the most feared groups and sprinkle some blood sports on top and you have a recipe for a fear and hatred feast.

I expect the Humane Society to think this is OK. But i expect the media to know better and to in fact attack the issue head on not use it to sell more papers. We are all Americans. The HSUS wants us to go back to fearing people who are different, taking us back 50 years, as long as they make money from it and the media is riding the wave in. The real feast is the million in donations from unsuspecting donors. Lets not forget when the Humane Society of the United States goes to a raid of a puppy mill or dog fighting suspect, takes pictures and post them on thier site with details of the legal proceding they too have become the media. The horribly inaccurate stories the media gets tossed to them is simple the left over bread thrown the peasants.

Humane Society just lies to lie.

The Humane Society of the United Stated has stated that barrels used for housing is now signs of dog fighting. The 80 gallon drums.

What we have to understand is that this is simply an opinion that is not based on any facts. To say that only Pit bull owners use barrels as houses and a step further say dog fighters, is morally irresponsible when i found these sites all on the first page of Google by typing in "plastic barrel dog houses". Now are you telling me that a multi-million dollar company, I'm sorry non-profit,(even though non-profits cannot endorse candidates like HSUS did this year) does not have a research staff member who can make sure these statements being made in courts and on TV are accurate. They may want to explain further why people use these plastic barrel houses.

If you have ever owned a large breed of working dogs you know how quickly they can destroy a dog house wether they are plastic or wood. Many use plastic barrels because the have multiple house chewing dogs and because they are cheaper and very very durable. They are also water proof and most dogs love them because of the hummock like bottom. Now like anything else, there are right was and wrong ways to do these things. Humane Society of the United States Pit bull expert shows a picture of a dog that died 40 years ago and states this is the incorrect way to keep a dog. The picture was of an old dog named Texas who was on an old style chain and metal barrel back in the mid 60's. Not an 80 gallon drum . Now come on people. I could show pictures of German Sheppard's attacking children in the same time frame. Would that be a valid depiction of today? No it would not. Back to my point. There are right and wrong ways and there are old ways.

If you have a dog house that is not well maintained, or clean, or safe it does not matter what kind of house you use it is bad for your dogs. The Humane Society and their experts only show the worst case scenario of anything. They show bad pictures of dogs with bad owners and use the biggest paint brush and use the broadest stroke to paint every owner the same color. I have shown you sites that took me 3 minutes to find. With pictures of people properly using these types of dog houses. 3 minutes people. Now i understand hearing someone has a dog living out back in a plastic barrel may sound bad, if that is all you say. Funny thing is Wayne Pacelle himself stated “I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.”, quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251. And thats all he said. I can't understand how this man or the business he represents can possibley comment on what is or is not good for someone else's dogs.

You can take any dog house in the biggest yard in the world and not do your part as an owner and you will have the most miserable animal on earth. Focus on the responsibility as owners. Reward those who do well with what they have. The Humane Society prefers to destroy those who did the best for their animals with what they had. They made do with the tools they had. They found a way. They found the American way. The Humane Society of the UNITED STATES feels the American way which they named themselves after, is just not good enough.

Animal rights Americans wronged.

Does breaking the law in the name of an animal make the law wrong? Does that make society ignorant for making such laws? Are the founding fathers wrong? Sure there have been additions and tweaks to the constitution such as the freeing of slaves and Row v Wade, but these where issues that where not present or relevant in its drafting. Dogs have been around since the beginning of time. Are soldiers wrong for fighting for what this constitution and our country stands for. Well if the Humane Society of the United States is right. Then all of these people are wrong.

The Humane Society of the United States or the HSUS this year alone has killed 200+ animals. Simply for being American Pitbull Terriers. The manager and Director of the Humane Society's Animal Fighting issues is John JP Goodwin. This man is high school drop out. He once attempted to be an expert in a court case in which a county that he "advised" was being sued. Under oath he stated to the judge and all present that he was a high school drop and never completed high school. We will come back to this point later. He also stated that his knowledge in dog fighting was gained reading books and browsing the web. This in itself is ASTOUNDING. I am sure every Ph. D and Veterinarian in this country is glad to know that a high school drop out who read a few books with the time left over from his powerful dungeons and dragon quests, was being considered an expert on animals. Thank god the judge felt the same way. He agreed with the plaintiff's lawyer that a high school drop out with no law enforcement or animal physiological education(or any other kind) could possibly lend any educated information.

This man John JP Goodwin, has been responsible for the seizure of countless number of dogs from the homes of numerous American Pitbull Terrier breeders. These breeders on average range from 60-70 years old. The "expert" information lended to law enforcement from the HSUS's debunked expert has led to the death of the animals of these breeders. Now understand not one, not one, single, breeder has been to trial. Every animal they owned to include fish have been taken and most have been killed. Because the Humane Society does not believe in what America was founded on. Even if these breeders win in court they have already lost. Their life's work has been destroyed. The HSUS says that they can guarantee based on expert knowledge that comes from a forensics veterinarian the only of her kind and slew people who have never bred or raise a dog or a dog of this breed, oh and a high school drop out. I would say that with evidence like that a trial would be in order before I'd believe these experts.

Still it goes further. You have John Goodwin teaching classes to law enforcement, lawyers and judges on how to spot a dog fighter. Lets break this down. You have a detective with 4+ years of college, a lawyer and a judge both with 10+ years of high education being taught by a high school drop out. Is this America where we teach our children to do thier best so the can rise above the rest. Well the rest is teach about dog fighting! Desiree Bender the Humane Society watchdog in Arkansas tell police regularly that perfectly legal devises are signs of dog fighting and enough evidence for an arrest. Are you ready for the other shoe to drop? Well duck because i am going to throw it at you. Desiree Bender sent multiple alleged dog fighting dogs to Diane Jessup at . The same things HSUS is having people arrested for their friend in arms uses daily. IS THIS AMERICA????!!!!

So i will end my inaugural post to this new blog with this. In America society was based on the fact that hard work and knowledge will pave the way to everything. But instead some how we have people who never bred or raised dogs at all telling officials whats best for these dogs. A high school drop out has the power to imprison a knowledgeable and respected breeder, because the dropout's opinion and reality differ. Last but not least the Humane Society publicly and shamelessly degrade breeders for things they know to be false and in fact take part in themselves. This is the Humane Society of America's idea of America. They are right and The forefathers, our citizens, our soldiers and our hearts are wrong.