Stop the Lies: Humane Society of the United States the original drag queen

Friday, October 3, 2008

Humane Society of the United States the original drag queen

When a six foot four woman with broad shoulders and hairy legs walks down the street everyone stares. They point fingers and say "oh my god" or " who does he think he is fooling", but most just shake their heads and say "he's not even trying to hide it" so they just let them be just as wild as they want and go on with their day. Lets call this ugly drama queen say.... PETA. Out in the open not trying to hide whats between their legs and daring anyone to say they are something they are not. Then you have the young man with not a bit of stubble on his face and very feminine features. He walks like a woman talks like a woman even has had reconstruction to further fit into the role. He walks down the street everyday to the whistle of men who love women and would never guess they just flirted with a man. Let's talk to all the donors who just kissed this gorgeous drag queen call the Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society of the United States dresses pretty and talks pretty but underneath they are brutally territorial bullies. They take a name the leads people to believe they are an actual humane society as the public sees them. The public thinks shelters. Now the HSUS does not run a single shelter in this country. Not only are they shelter less, they charge your local shelter a high fee to have HSUS walk through their shelter and tell them what to do. Donors donate to help shelters and shelters pay money to get the HSUS stamp. That is money going one way from both sides. How a non-profit gets money from the people it should be donating too and the donors is beyond me. How you have not spent these donations on your actual cause, is mathematically mind blowing to me. Someone is asleep at the switch. The shelters who do not want anything to do with HSUS will be on their personal hit list. Ask The many rescues that where attacked by HSUS workers during Katrina. The Humane Society's Desiree Bender held up a hot van full of dogs because she did not want to loose the publicity.

Lets break down the make up and wig with one example. Desiree Bender founded Where Angels Run a so called Pit bull rescue. She is also the head honcho for HSUS in Arkansas. Diane Jessup runs Lawdogs and is a friend and ally of Bender and HSUS. She also runs a kennel of Sorrel Bred Gamedogs.

"Ms. Desiree Bender stated that while she is not a resident of the Community, she would like to see the City adopt legislation that would require the spaying and neutering of Pit Bulls. She stated that most fatality cases have involved a dog on a chain or an unaltered Pit Bull beside an in heat female Pit Bull. She offered support data to explain her argument. " - minutes from Jacksonville town meeting on July 7 2005.

Wait a minuite. So that means your friend and ally who breeds Pit Bulls would have to spade and neuter hers as well. And what Pit bull advocate promotes Breed Specific Legislation. None. The Pit bull rescue and breeder who makes money of dogs HSUS steals from people is the wig and make up. Going to city hall meetings and lobbying against Pit bulls is whats really between their legs.

1. Pit bulls – There is no doubt that pit bulls are in bad shape in America right now. They are likely the most popular dog in the country, but unfortunately, they are also the dogs of choice for drug dealers, gang members, and anyone else who is looking for a dog to be a status symbol. Legislation banning pit bulls or requiring strict regulation will not solve the problems created by dangerous dogs. However, because pit bulls currently flood animal shelters in Louisville and across the country, legislation requiring their mandatory sterilization could be a benefit to the breed and to all dogs in the community. Additionally, the mandatory sterilization of pit bulls would negatively impact those individuals who use pit bulls for fighting, guarding locations used for illegal activities, and the backyard breeders who so recklessly add to the dog overpopulation. Requiring the sterilization of pit bulls does not have the same problems as traditional breed-specific legislation. This does not punish responsible pet owners, as truly responsible owners already have their animals sterilized.

Letter from the HSUS to City of Louisville Kentucky.

Now remember HSUS donates dogs they take from court cases still pending and give them to Diane Jessup, a Pit bull breeder. Is she a responsible breeder, because her dogs are not sterilized. I wonder if The Humane Society hangs to theft or do the just tuck it back.


Freedom Pup said...

drag queen. . . so true so true.

Anonymous said...

The Humane Society of the United States makes a living by selling lies to uneducated people. The dismiss facts against them without debate and make up facts to suit their need.