Stop the Lies: Pit Bull attacks=media orgie

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pit Bull attacks=media orgie

Lets open with something taken from the American Veterinarian Medical Association's website

"How can my family and I avoid being bitten?
Be cautious around strange dogs and treat your own pet with respect. Because children are the most frequent victims of dog bites, parents and caregivers should:
NEVER leave a baby or small child alone with a dog.
Be on the look out for potentially dangerous situations.
Start teaching young children – including toddlers – to be careful around pets.
Children must be taught NOT to approach strange dogs. Teach children to ask permission from a dog's owner before petting the dog."

The media has a strange problem with not addressing the real issue in these cases. Never in any of these cases is it ever highlighted that a child was left alone with an animal.

"Pit Bull Attacks Child in Dothan, Alabama
4-Year Old Girl MauledDothan, Al - In another Alabama pit bull attack, a 4-year old child was attacked while playing in his backyard. The incident left Elaine Walton in shock. She was inside her house when a neighbor called to say the boy who lived in the upstairs apartment was outside crying.
"When I went outside the pit bull had the baby's head in it's mouth."Animal control officers picked up the dog and confined him at a local shelter. They also picked up another dog from the same residence. Neighbors said the dogs often barked at people, but had never bitten anyone until now. "Like I said I've never had a problem with them," said Nina Fryer, who lives across the street.The child and his family were familiar with the dog and his owners. At this time it is still uncertain what provoked the dog to attack, not that a pit bull needs a reason. Whatever the case, pit bull advocates will certainly blame the child. This is always the case when there are no witnesses."

The child was alone and not a single adult to witness. No mention of poor parenting.

In this video

a one year old left alone with a dog.

These are two examples just type child left alone with dog in Google and you will have hours of unneccary dog bites. The media led by and paid by groups like the Humane Society of the United States, simply show what they feel will pay them. Every time a dog bites a child and is of a breed people fear the HSUS makes more money. They Rush in their experts who have never raised any breed of dog. They compare taking care of strays who they kill for their own good, to raising healthy and genetically strong and mentally stable animals. These expert kennel cleaners who turned animal defenders tell the media and the public with a straight face that certain breeds are so dangerous that they are better off dead. Wow, thank goodness God did not say that about all of his creations. The most dangerous animal to ever walk is Man. University of Pennsylvania did a study in fact that stated the 3 most likely-to-bite dogs where the dachshund, chihuahua, and jack russell . They do not even attempt to have dialog in this subject. Why is that. It is not media friendly.

Most people who donate to the Humane Society or tune in to doggy news are people who would find the jack russel terrier, the hot dog, and the taco bell dog to be their dream dogs. To be honest about how likely these dogs are to bite and how much they actually do bite would hurt their fan base. These small dogs bite more people but there is no blood and gore and their is no natural hatred for them. This equates to less media and less shock value that leads to more donations. It is much easier to use the media to make money by picking on the scape goats of the country. The media and HSUS both time after time state the American Pit bull Terrier is the breed of choice for thugs, drug dealers, hip hop and anyone who wants to look tough. Which we adults know as secret code for minorities, lower class, poor whites and any one your average animal donor would find offensive or scary. By taking the most feared dog and connecting them to the most feared groups and sprinkle some blood sports on top and you have a recipe for a fear and hatred feast.

I expect the Humane Society to think this is OK. But i expect the media to know better and to in fact attack the issue head on not use it to sell more papers. We are all Americans. The HSUS wants us to go back to fearing people who are different, taking us back 50 years, as long as they make money from it and the media is riding the wave in. The real feast is the million in donations from unsuspecting donors. Lets not forget when the Humane Society of the United States goes to a raid of a puppy mill or dog fighting suspect, takes pictures and post them on thier site with details of the legal proceding they too have become the media. The horribly inaccurate stories the media gets tossed to them is simple the left over bread thrown the peasants.

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