Stop the Lies: Just Because You say So dont make it so.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Because You say So dont make it so.

Fact. Humane Society Of the United States has killed or had a hand in killing hundreds of American Pit Bull Terriers before their owners where even sent to trial.

Fact. Breed Specific legislation is any law made based on the breed of dog instead of the actions of the dog or owner.

Fact. Humane Society Of the United States wrote a letter to the city of Louisville Kentucky askin for all Pit Bulls to be sterilized. Letter

Fact. Humane Society of the United States Arkansas director Desiree Bender advocated mandatory sterilization of all American Pit Bull Terriers in Mississippi. Detail in this post Stop the Lies: Legacy of Contridiction.

Fact. Diane Jessup wrote a book on the working pit bull and helped attack other breeders who use tools on their yards that she herself wrote about in her book.

Fact. Desiree Bender has used racial slurs online while talking to other American Pit Bull Terrier owners.

"Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:46 pm

jessed wrote:
DING DING DING you got it.... MARTINEZ...........That should make everyone sleep better tonight knowing that jessed is NOT this Jessup woman. Just a dumb ol' red neck spic from Arkansas."

After it was reported the HSUS were using racist remarks(as she admitted in trial she was the loggin jessed on Online Pedigrees a pedigree website and message board) she edited her post to this

"jessedNewbieJoined: Jun 12, 2007Posts: 64
Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:46 pm

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Fact. Desiree Bender has been accused of dropping the N bomb during interrogation.

Fact. John Goodwin head of Humane Society of The United States animal fighting issues has been denied at almost EVERY trial he attempted to be an expert, if not every.

Fact. John Goodwin had led many of the investigations on so called fighting dog breeders based on the same non-expert knowledge that got him booted from multiple cases, even cases he investigated.

Fact. Desiree Bender questioned minor children without the presence of their parents or a lawyer.

Fact. Humane Society Of the United States had no evidence to support their attack on Floyd B. They had 3 years to find enough to send him away. If they did not in three year then it did not exists.

Fact. The Humane Society did not have enough proof to support this page on their site

Fact. has posted eronous info about the Humane Society of the United States and has also slandered the AADR and ADBA, not to mention calling someone publicly, a known dog fighter, who has not been convicted of anything. Kind of like Mr. B. and Just like Mr. B. this same person being slandered has had every dog killed befor trial.

So so call Pitbulllover keep you messy half truths and slander off my blog. As we know you are nothin more than the HSUS. Coward.

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