Stop the Lies: Well here we go Again

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well here we go Again

So the Judge in the Patrick case in Arizona has dropped over twenty charges against the Patrick couple. Now only 2 counts of dog fighting each remain. 110 dogs, accused of being the kingpins of dog fighting (wasn't that Floyd and Guy), and all they could come up with is 2 counts of dog fighting? When they raided Frank Lucas they found 100 years worth of drugs to put him away. But the dog fighting Gods can only garner 2 charges a piece? I wonder why that is. But while we are at it can we get cruelty charges against these people in the pictures below. Why does any dog who is not aggressive and is not running away need to be handled like this.

Lets take you to an article written after the raid, that stated the dogs where friendly and socialized.

"Seized dogs 'people-friendly,' county official says People-friendly and social. That's how Vicki Doraine, public services supervisor at the Pima Animal Care Center, described the pit bulls sent to the center after six people were arrested Tuesday on fight-dog breeding accusations. "

So why........OH WHY would the Prosecuter say that these dogs were not at all socialized.

The couple operated on a large piece of property owned by Dennis' mother, where dozens of dogs were kept in kennels, Brandes said."These weren't for pets," he said, "because these dogs were not given socialization."

Now people this is the same website reporting two contrast accounts by public officials. Does this make you go hmmmmm. It should because it is starting to smell like a dirty kennel. The Patricks have been know for many years to have people sign a contract that states any dogs sold are not to be used for fighting of any kind. They also have kennels built for every single dog. As you see above their dogs are fat so they spend thousands of dollars a month in dog food . This was nothing more than the shut down of a breeder by the Humane Society of the United states. Lets see the judge dropped all counts of animal cruelty. what remains is 4 counts of dog fighting to contend. 100+ dogs where killed. You do the math!!!

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