Stop the Lies: Why Does Need Your Help?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Does Need Your Help?

we cannot do this alone.

We are not just asking for money. We would rather your time and only money if you do not have the time.

Let me show you what we are up against. Below i will show you a group of dogs all from the same home that where taken and destroyed because the Humane Society of the United States and their Arkansas one woman dog-lynch mob, Desiree Bender, said they were trained to fight dogs and therefor must be destroyed as they will only attack other dogs and humans.

These two dogs seem to be getting along just fine together.

These are all full grown dogs getting along just fine.

These young pups also were rule unsociable and killed.

This dog as well seems very socialized.

This is what we are up against. They had these very pictures in the court room and yet Desiree Bender said these dogs deserved to died. These dogs and many more. When questioned they changed their answer to say that the dogs health led them to kill all the puppies because their joints were so disfigured.

Go to decide what you can help us with. We have flyer's that can be passed out. We need people to spread the word and we need people to believe that we can make a change. And if you cannot give any of your time, then by all means please donate. But your time if far more valuable to us.

Also we plan to begin interviewing victems of such crimes and those who give us permission to do so, will have thier interviews published online so they can share their story with you. This is a testimate to how hard our small group works to show you that not only are we out there but we are effective.

Thank you

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