Stop the Lies: 2008 ADABOYS!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 ADABOYS!!!


Pima County got an award for Law Enforcement of the Year from the HSUS. They led a raid on an innocent breeder killed 94 of their dogs and gave away the other 20. The breeder was later found not guilty of any crimes and is now suing Pima county. They also accused a chicken breeder of cockfighting and killed 300 of his birds, he as well was found not guilty and is suing Pima county as well.

Louisiana State Police Trooper Jacob Dickinson and the LASPCA. They seized 50+ dogs from a breeder in Louisiana and killed them 24 hours after the seizure. The search warrant was based on articles of paraphernalia that in court turned out not to exist. The Trooper then stated the dogs were killed against his will. The LASPCA still has no idea who gave the order to kill the dogs. The Father and son Breeders where acquitted and left with 50+ dead animals. I would imagine they will be suing as well.

Desiree Bender of the Arkansas' Humane Society of the United States chapter. This lady all in one year publicly made racial slurs towards Hispanic people and allegedly towards African American during questioning. She violated the rights of 3 minor children in Arizona, a state she has no jurisdiction in, and destroyed the life of a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Bender was the "expert" in the Pima County massacre and the killing of the dogs and puppies in Arkansas.

Diane Jessup the so called pit bull expert who has written books portraying the proper use of working Pitbull exercise equipment, while she take dogs from raided breeders accused of using same equipment to fight dogs. WOW you have got to give it to this lady for pulling this scheme off so effortlessly. She breeds dogs from Game bloodlines and wrote a book WITH one of the GREATEST gamedog breeders of his time. Then she helps the HSUS with raids based on the fact that their dogs originate from gamebred bloodlines.She then get a cut o fthe expensive bred puppies. Oh i forgot the part where she has the pups that are no use to her put down. And check out the price of that book by the way.

John Goodwin, the head of the animal fighting issues at the Humane Society of the United States. Well he's on here just for showing up. He has been the defense's best witness in every case. His terrorist past and lack of high school education are a true blessing. Combine that with his admitting that it is illegal for HSUS to be "undercover" at dog fights, under oath and basing his knowledge on Pitbulls strictly from books, makes him the best expert the Defense could find, Except that the Prosecution was nice enough to supply him for them. the Pitbull hating and BSL spreading Mecca of the net. They still continue to call breeders, who have been found not guilty in a court of law, dog fighters. They attack for providing assistance to innocent breeders of American Pitbull Terriers. 5 out of 7 stood up for were found innocent of any crime. 1 was found guilty by way of plea agreement that was gained by civil leverage on his home by the county. The other plead no contest after a mistrial and lack of funds for another trial, he did no jail time. The others that have not been to court have cases identical to the people who have been found not guilty. MEMO TO DOGDBITE.ORG :their are charities raising money for convicted MURDERERS. Why not go after them and why not stop Slandering people the constitution has FOUND INNOCENT.

And what do they all have in common? The Humane society of the United States has their hand up these puppets butts. They know this is gonna have an ugly backlash and they will put their puppets outside the gates for the Romans to get them when they come. ADA BOY!!!!!!!!!!!


The Endangered Owner said...

Gee, with such fine upstanding folks like these, who the hell needs enemies!

Freedom Pup said...

lol! Nice post, should give out an award for the most misleading charity of 2008. I vote for the HSUS!