Stop the Lies: What are they experts on?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are they experts on?

“Anybody who says there isn’t a problem here isn’t looking,” Kumpf said afterward. What led Kumpf to believe dog fighting is happening here is he saw dozens of plastic blue barrels set up in people’s backyards with circular dirt paths around them.

“The flyover is one of the easy ways to identify dog fighting areas,” Kumpf’s spokesman Jeff Kursman said. “If you’re flying over you look for blue plastic barrels. They use them as shelters for the dogs because they’re inexpensive and rugged. They are the housing of choice.”

Laura Bevan, Humane Society of the United States spokeswoman, said there are many levels of dog fighting, including street fighting. The agency estimates there are 40,000 hobbyist and professional dog fighters in the United States. It’s difficult to catch dog fighters in the act, she said, because by the time authorities arrive to the site they’re gone.

“Any community that has gang bangers probably has street dog fighting,” she said. “Neighbors don’t complain because they are afraid of these gang bangers.”-

This is the deductions HSUS experts use to accuse people of illegal activities.

So basically if you use blue barrel dog houses you are a dog fighter.

So all of these people who do not own Pitbulls would be dog fighters?

"It's NaturalDogs prefer to sleep in shallow, curved holes. The curved interior surface of the K-9 Kondo effectively satisfies this natural "nesting" preference. As a result, dogs take to the K-9 Kondo better than any other type of dog house. And they stay more comfortable, too."

Most of the above sites say the same thing. As far as the gang banger comments we know what that is code word for. Surprisingly the HSUS never seems to go after GANGBANGERS. They are going after 60 and 70 year old breeders who live far away from anyone. So now understand that if you have bad people where you live you will be punished for their actions. You will be accused f dog fighting if there are gangs living near you.

"Animal abuse and child abuse are closely related. "

They have a whole fact sheet on this. But what they don't show you is this.

David Garcia: Head of the SPCA-TX and creator of ANIMAL PRECINCT.

Count 1, kidnapping while armed with a deadly weapon; and Count 2, rape while armed with a deadly weapon. Convicted and sentenced in 1973 Paroled in 1979

Wow he kidnaps a child rapes her and did 6 years mean while he was trying to hand out ten year sentences for bogus animal cases.

"Garcia has been convicted on multiple felony and misdemeanor DWI's in several states, and has a warrant for his arrest in Arizona."-animal crackers

John Goodwin: Head of animal fighting issues HSUS

{Goodwin himself has been arrested and convicted for being the ringleader of a gang that vandalized fur retailers in multiple states during the 1990s. The animal-rights newspaper Animal People News profiled Goodwin in 2000, noting that he “gleefully announced a string of Animal Liberation Front mink releases and arsons against furriers and fur farms” while a “spokesman” for the underground terrorist group.

Goodwin also fielded press inquiries after a Petaluma, California, slaughterhouse arson in February 1997, and shocked the public with his comments on the March 1997 arson at a farmer’s feed co-op in Utah. Referring to a fire that caused almost $1 million in damage and could easily have killed a family sleeping on the premises, Goodwin told The Deseret News: “We’re ecstatic.” } activist cash

What about the attack on the families of the UCLA researchers by animal rights groups. One man was pummeled in front of his family and an old woman was nearly killed.

"Los Angeles Fire Department investigators said the device -- which failed to ignite -- was left at the wrong house, a residence actually occupied by a 70-year-old woman and her male tenant. The address was not disclosed. "-

So what say they about the connection between animal rights and harming human beings?

And then there is the rumor that a certain HSUS worker in Arkansas was arrested in 2005. We'll get back to you when we find out all the details.


Shane said...

Without them, I wouldn't have ever guessed that I'm a dogfighter. I have a ton of blue barrels. I keep the corn for my biofuel furnace in them.

Tom said...

The HSUS doesn't go after anyone who can fight back, let along "gangbangers."